When Unified Communications meets Social Networking

Social meets Unified Communications
So just imagine some of the features that will be necessary that we haven’t even thought about yet.

Imagine what would happen if all of Stephen Fry’s tweeple notice that his presence has changed to available and try to dial him at once. Kaboom !
Not even sure the cloud could cope with too many flash crowds of those sizes.

Microsoft – Will they or won’t they allow integration with OCS2010 ?
What if Microsoft really go as proprietary as they are threatening to with OCS 2010 ?
Recent articles suggest they are softening from their recent  hard-line position of zero integration with other VoIP and traditional telephony provider platforms.

Why haven’t Google become the largest UC provider in the World ?
Having said that , they have just asked their provider (Level 3)to reserve 1M numbers for Google Voice, so maybe they have been working on the Grand Central acquistion in the background..

Submitted By Darren Gallagher