Not an ideal start to the week…

First a double-glazed window pane failed in the utility room for no apparent reason other than the sunshine…

blown-window-pane Ordered replacement custom unit – delivered and fitted Thursday hopefully.

Next my business laptop caught a rootkit from somewhere and eventually the registry became corrupted.

Rather than send it back and be without the PC while it was re-imaged in the middle of nowhere, I tried XP recovery console but to no avail.

Then I remembered I had a copy of UBUNTU on my USB stick with a basic kernel. So booted UB and copied my registry backup (don’t leave home without one) to the system folder – renamed etc and rebooted.


And finally this morning I drove DD to school and the following warning light appeared on my dashboard.


BMW insist that you should finish your journey and get it to a service centre asap. So have it booked in for Saturday morning….at 8:30am.

Looks like I’ll definitely be using the train tomorrow.

Submitted By Darren Gallagher

Great parking

So I’m driving back from dropping daughter at dance this afternoon and I see two 38 ton trucks parked half on the pavement one behind the other, and opposite a row of parked cars… no-one could use the pavement safely, and it reduced a two way carriageway to a narrow single lane. What were they thinking !HGV Class 1 Parking School

Ridiculous Truck Parking

Submitted By Darren Gallagher